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We will support you and give you all the necessary information and facilities to help you with Payroll management, salaries information, social security, contract conditions, holidays or wage deductions.

Nothing it is more important than your human capital, we as a service company know it very well. As your partner in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) Henry Towers will support the life span of your most valued active, your employees from the date of the hire until the date they retire. Providing a comprehensive service to ensure we maximize the value of their salary while containing your social charges. Henry Towers will take care of all the process from hiring an employee to terminations, we can manage your collective agreements and support your with third party obligations and duties. As your partner in Spain we will provide you all easiness the within our grasp

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At Henry Towers we want to facilitate as much as possible to run your business, while ensuring you are fully compliant and up to date with your obligations towards Spanish legislation and social security office.

Information gathering and context understanding of Payroll services

Our teams will be gathering the required information as well as the business context, for us it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of your business in order to propose you the best options on every service. It is important for us to have a comprehensive understanding of your business especially if you are coming from another service provider, in order to do a seamless implementation and transfer of your data and calculations.

Execution process of Payroll services

team will be sending to Henry Towers all the variations per payroll cycle and we will take care of the rest, we will add the information in the system, validate the information and ensure it is completed, process the calculation and manage the statutory reporting as well as your reports and payslips. We can offer employee payments if you require us to pay your employees on your behalf.

Payroll services Report

You will be updated of the processes, during the setup as well as the pay cycles. Including the management reports you might need, our team will always keep you updated up to the conclusion of the event/process and reach out to you periodically with ideas to improve the process.

The legislation on this area is extremely vast, hereto we have extract what we consider could be the most interesting areas for you.

Related to collective agreements:

  1. Employees in the exercise of freedom of association have the right to:

    • All employees have the right to organize freely for the promotion and defense of their economic and social interests.
    • Employees are considered so both: those who are subject to an employment relationship and those who are in an administrative or statutory relationship at the service of public administrations.
    • Members of the Armed Forces and Armed Institutes of a military nature shall be exempt from the exercise of this right.
    • In accordance with article 127.1 of the Constitution, judges, magistrates and prosecutors may not belong to any union while they are in active employment.
    • The exercise of the right to organize of members of non-military bodies and security forces shall be governed by its specific regulations, given the armed nature and hierarchical organization of these Institutes.
    • Freedom of association includes:
      • The right to form trade unions without prior authorization, as well as the right to suspend or extinguish them, through democratic procedures.
      • The right of the employee to join the union of his choice solely on the basis of observing the statutes of the
      • The right of members to freely choose their representatives within each union.
      • The right to trade union activity.
  2. Trade union organizations in the exercise of freedom of association have the right to:

    • Write its by-laws and regulations, organize its internal administration and its activities and formulate its program of action.
    • To constitute federations, confederations and international organizations, as well as to join them and to retire of the same.
    • Not be suspended or dissolved except by a firm decision of the Judicial Authority, based on serious breach of the Laws.
    • The exercise of trade union activity in the company or outside it, which will include, in any case, the right to collective bargaining, the exercise of the right to strike, the presentation of individual and collective disputes and the submission of candidatures for The election of Company Committees and Personnel Delegates, and the corresponding bodies of the Public Administrations, in the terms provided in the corresponding regulations.

About employment. The rights and obligations concerning the employment relationship are regulated:

  1. By the laws and regulations of the State.
  2. By collective agreements.
  3. By the will of the parties, manifested in the contract of employment, being its legal object and without in any case can be established to the detriment of the employee conditions less favorable or contrary to the legal provisions and collective agreements previously expressed.
  4. By the local and professional customs and customs.

The legal and regulatory provisions will be applied strictly subject to the principle of normative hierarchy. The regulatory provisions will develop the precepts that establish the norms of superior rank, but will not be able to establish conditions of work different from those established by the laws to be developed.

Conflicts arising between the provisions of two or more labour standards, both state and contractual, which shall in any case respect the necessary minimum requirements, shall be resolved by applying the most favorable to the employee appreciated as a whole, and in annual computation, with respect to the quantifiable concepts.

Uses and customs will only apply in the absence of legal provisions, conventional or contractual, unless they have an express reception or referral.

Employees may not validly dispose, before or after their acquisition, the rights they have recognized by legal provisions of necessary right. Nor can they validly dispose of the rights recognized as unavailable by collective agreement.

Labour rights:

  1. Employees have as basic rights, with the content and scope for each one of them the specific regulations, of:
    • Work and free choice of profession or trade.
    • Free syndication.
    • Collective bargaining.
    • Adoption of collective conflict measures.
    • Strike.
    • Meeting.
    • Information, consultation and participation in the company.
  2. In the employment relationship, employees have the right to:
    • Effective occupation.
    • Vocational promotion and training at work, including the adaptation to changes in the workplace, as well as the development of training plans and actions to promote their greater employability.
    • Not to be discriminated against directly or indirectly for employment, or once employed, on grounds of sex, marital status, age within the boundaries of this law, racial or ethnic origin, social status, religion or belief, political views , Sexual orientation, affiliation or not to a union, as well as for language reasons, within the Spanish State.
    • Neither can they be discriminated against on the basis of disability, provided that they are in conditions of ability to perform the work or employment in question.
    • To their physical integrity and to an adequate policy of prevention of occupational risks.
    • Respect for their privacy and respect for their dignity, including protection from harassment on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation, and sexual harassment and harassment on grounds of sex.
    • To the punctual perception of the remuneration agreed or legally established.
    • To the individual exercise of the actions derived from his contract of employment.
    • As many as are specifically derived from the employment contract.

Labour duties:

  1. Employees have as their basic duties:
    • To fulfill the specific obligations of his job, in accordance with the rules of good faith and diligence.
    • Observe the measures of prevention of occupational risks that are adopted.
    • To comply with the orders and instructions of the employer in the regular exercise of its directing powers.
    • Not concur with the activity of the company, in the terms set forth in this law.
    • Contribute to the improvement of productivity.
    • Whatever other concept derivate from the respective employment contracts.

What is the normal operation for the monthly payroll?

It is necessary to know the days worked and absences, as well as possible incidences such as periods of sickness. It is also necessary to know if there has been overtime or if it will receive some bonus or supplement, as well as if the worker has received some advance of the salary.

How wages are fixed and what is the framework for governing relations between companies and workers?

The company-worker relations are regulated by the Collective Agreements which constitute the specific rule to be taken into account to determine the minimum conditions relating to salary, categories, day, holidays, etc... We will manage the application of the collective agreement to your Company.

Is the amount payable in social insurance related to the amount collected on payrolls?

Yes, since the general rule is that all the amounts received by the worker are salaried and, therefore, are quoted to the Social Security. Generally speaking most of the concepts are, there are some exceptions such: transportation allowance, distance, subsistence expenses, travel expenses, severance or removal expenses, etc ... Our job is to advise you on all these aspects, so you maximize your employee salary without incurring into additional social charges.

Is it possible that the amounts of payrolls for the same worker vary from month to month, even if the salary has not been increased?

Yes and this may be due to the fact that the remuneration is daily, or a regularization of the applicable withholding rate. It must be taken into account that the company must check the retention of its workers so that it is at all times the one that corresponds according to the personal circumstances of each worker.

Is it possible to defer payment of social insurance?

Yes, you simply have to submit the quotation bulletins and request a regular deferral. In this way, the obligation to present the quotation bulletins in time, the company does not lose the condition of being current of payment and obtains the possibility of paying the amount, with the corresponding surcharges.


Is there any way to reduce the paperwork between society, the worker, the counseling and social security and streamline the procedures?

Yes. Our company uses a system which allows us to connect directly with the computers of the Social Security and to communicate the highs, lows, request certificates of being up to date with the payment, etc ... with the maximum speed and through a simple phone call from the customer.

What are the formalities in hiring a worker and what information do you need to know for the realization of it?

In the first place, it is necessary to communicate, prior to the provision of the services by the worker, his discharge in Social Security and prepare the employment contract.

In order to carry out the contract and the contract it is necessary to know, besides the personal data: the work to be carried out, the training or studies, the schedule and the day, the duration of the contract and the salary. In some cases it is imperative that the worker is registered as unemployed in the INEM  (Unemployment office) and if it is a foreign worker, it must first be verified that he has the appropriate work permit.

Is it possible to know in advance the costs to be assumed by the new hiring of workers and which are the most advantageous forms of hiring?

Yes, it is not only possible, it is the first thing that must be done to know the cost that will be for the company and to be able to even evaluate the opportunity among the different contract types to maximize subsides and aids from government.

Gerente de Contabilidad y Nóminas
Gerente de Contabilidad y Nóminas

Precision, this what this service requires. We at Henry Towers, deliver outstanding service. Our process are very simple towards our clients, we ensure the proper understanding of your requirement and business context, we process the task and report back to you the status and completion

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