We are at your side to grow your business, at Henry Towers we make it easy to do business for you and we will support you in order to maximize the growing opportunities for your business.

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We provide a wide range of solutions in different accounting areas such as: Account Management, bookkeeping, financial information, financial records, payroll solutions, accounting documentation and annual accounts.

We will support you and give you all the necessary information and facilities to help you with Payroll management, salaries information, social security, contract conditions, holidays or wage deductions.

Our experts at Henry Towers will work with you to consider tax-saving opportunities for your business and your employees. We provide you with expert advice for you to be compliant while moderating your taxes and fulfilling your duties and obligations on your behalf.

As your business partner for administration, we can produce and deliver the invoices for your business to grow, taking care of your invoicing process up to money collection as easy as one, two and three. We are also certified to use the FACe system to manage invoices with governmental agencies.

From Henry Towers, we help you manage your business employment contracts and we will assist you with any doubt that you might have regarding the type of contract, the collective agreement, the withholding of income tax, the special hiring conditions of persons with disabilities or any other matter that may arise during the course of the activity.

Henry Towers transfer pricing service assists companies and their affiliates in dealing with the international and domestic tax duties related to intercompany pricing.

We manage tax compliance for the security of your business. You won’t have to worry not even for a minute about managing your company’s taxes in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) since we will have it all under control for you. No matter if it is tax credit, tax refund, tax rebate, tax deductions, tax payment, or any other tax services.

We manage the tax payment such as VAT, through actions like VAT payment or VAT return.

Our legal services support businesses in all branches of law: Commercial, Procedural, Employment, Insolvency, Real Estate, New Technologies, Legal Contracts, Data Protection, Industrial Property, Legal Representation amongst others.

Tax Division Manager
Tax Division Manager

We always emphasize that we want to understand your business background and context, certainly for our Tax practice it is crucial. We commit to keep you safe and compliant while we maximize the benefits from your business

Tax Partner at Henry Towers