Expatriation & Visa support

Relocating to a new country involves much more than filling the paperwork, we believe it is a transcendental event; we will take you through the journey, step by step. At Henry Towers we want to help you and your company to manage the Visa request and immigration process as well as your associate on her/his arrival and duties in Spain during the relocation, we act as your extension in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), so you don’t have to worry if don’t know anything about the golden visa or the Spanish immigration rules.

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We aim to do business as easy as one, two and three for you. Our processes are designed to efficiently render the service minimizing the re-iteration of steps and your involvement. At Henry Towers we work for you.

Requirements and Information debrief about Expatriation & obtaining a Visa

As our main concern is to protect your business, our experts will engage with you at the earliest stage of our process in order to understand your request and the background of your request and the permits that we will need to request on your behalf. Understanding your background and requirements will help us determine the information we will need to process with your request diligently.

Execution process of Expatriation

There are many permits and several ways to get them efficiently, it is a process that requires to be precise in order to ensure the fulfilment of your request on time. Missing a certificate or a step can force the process to start over again, and the amount of request for Visas and Permits is increasing in Spain. At Henry towers we will execute on your behalf all the requirements and duties to the different Spanish agencies until its final resolution. We will manage from the application of a Tax ID Number (NIE, Número de Identidad de Extranjero), the design of a work contract, and the filing and registration of the required forms. In the meantime our relocation partner would help your associate and its family to be ready to minimize the cultural adoption and accelerate the readiness of your associate to start contributing to the business.

Report during the process of Expatriation and obtaining a Visa

Our team will centrally coordinate all the different activities and provide you accurate status report so you know where we are in the process and the expected steps and deadlines. A final review with you and your associate and its family is done to ensure all services are rendered as required.

The organic law 4/2000 of January 11th, describes the rights and freedoms of any foreigner in Spain as well as its integration to the society. Foreigners, lack of Spanish nationality. The provisions of this Law shall be understood, in any case, without prejudice to the established, in special laws and in the international treaties to which Spain is a party. 3. The nationals of the Member States of the European Union and those to whom The Community scheme shall be governed by the rules which govern it, may apply this Law in those aspects that could be Favorable.

The Government, in accordance with the provisions of article 149.1.2 Constitution, is the responsible for the definition, planning, regulation and development of the Immigration policy, without prejudice to the competences that can be assumed by Autonomous Communities and Local Authorities. All Public Administrations will base the exercise of their competences linked to immigration in compliance with the following principles:

  • Coordination with policies defined by the European Union.
  • The management of labour migration flows, according to the needs of the national employment situation;
  • The social integration of immigrants through cross-cutting policies aimed at all citizenship;
  • Effective equality between women and men;
  • The effectiveness of the principle of non-discrimination and, consequently, Recognition of equal rights and obligations for all those who live or work legally in Spain, in the terms provided for in the Law;
  • The guarantee of the exercise of the rights that the Constitution, the international treaties and the laws recognize all people;
  • Combating irregular immigration and the prosecution of illicit trafficking in people;
  • Prosecution of trafficking of human beings;
  • Equal treatment in working and social security conditions;
  • Promoting dialogue and collaboration with the countries of origin and the transit of Immigration, through framework agreements aimed at effectively migratory flows to encourage and coordinate development and co-development.

The State shall guarantee the principle of solidarity, enshrined in the Constitution, taking into account the special circumstances of those territories in which the flows Migratory movements.

Integration of immigrants

  • The public authorities shall promote the full integration of foreigners into the Spanish society, within a framework of coexistence of diverse identities and cultures without more limit than the respect to the Constitution and the Law.
  • The Public Administrations will incorporate the objective of integration between immigrants and the receiving society, with a transversal character to all the policies and Services, promoting economic, social, cultural and political participation of immigrants, in the terms of the Constitution, the Statutes of Autonomy and other laws, under conditions of equal treatment. In particular, they will seek, through training, the knowledge and respect of the constitutional and statutory values ​​of Spain, the values ​​of the European Union, as well as human rights, public freedoms, democracy, tolerance and equality between women and men, and will develop measures to incorporate into the education system, ensuring the compulsory schooling, the learning of the languages to access to employment as essential integration factors.
  • The General State Administration shall cooperate with the Autonomous Communities, the Cities of Ceuta and Melilla and the City Councils for the achievement of the purposes described, within the framework of a strategic plan which will include among its objectives the integration of minors’ unaccompanied foreigners. In any case, the General State Administration, the Autonomous Communities and City Councils will collaborate and coordinate their actions in this area.
  • In accordance with the criteria and priorities of the Strategic Plan for Immigration, the Government and the Autonomous Communities will agree at the Sectorial Conference of Immigration biennial action programs to reinforce the social integration of Immigrants.

Why in Spain?

In the Expat Explorer (https://www.expatexplorer.hsbc.com/), a study conducted by HSBC periodically, Spain is the best place in Europe for expats who wants to enjoy life. 81% learns Spanish and 72% enjoy being immerse in the Spanish culture. Spain is a country who is attracting talent from all over the world and companies are developing value added services such design and development in its wonderful climate and culture. The preferred cities for expats are Barcelona and Madrid, which also are the most concentrated business centers of the country.

Who needs a visa or permit?

Any national that is outside the countries from the European Union you will be required to have a visa to visit the country, and a work permit if you want to work in Spain. For the nationals that are members of the EU they don’t need a visa neither a work permit, with a few exception such: Croatia (need a work permit until June 30, 2020).

How do I navigate the Spanish bureaucracy?

Despite most of the officials are speaking English, bureaucracy fills very corner of every action that one wishes to take, it is highly recommended that very contract and action shall be revised by Spanish lawyer. Almost every significant action one takes will require a form.

How do I get support with my taxes?

Spanish taxes is a serious duty. The process is highly modernize and the tax authorities have an incredible amount of data about your earning, there are several easy ways to proceed with your tax declaration, but it is highly recommended to contract a tax agent as will certainly find way to maximize your income. As an example a foreigner has only the first six month to declare as a nonresident and pay taxes at a most advantageous rate.  It is in our holistic approach at Henry Towers where we take all these opportunities into consideration and propose you a solution that will help you on the short and long term.

What about the banking system?

Opening a bank account in Spain it is simple and fast for anyone over 18 years old. You will be required for a passport, proof of occupation or status, confirmation of address and your NIE (Número de Identifiación Extrajeros). We strongly recommend you to get assistant or ask to your potential new bank for the process to transfer funds from a foreign account. The Tax Authorities are very sever with the prevention of money laundry.

Accounting and payroll partner
Accounting and payroll partner

This is a very unique service, where we will ensure you are fully compliant and up to date with your obligations towards Spanish legislation and tax authorities

Accounting and Payroll Manager at Henry Towers