Doing business in Spain is great, although navigating through the legislative waters can be rough. At Henry Towers we want to be your partner in Spain, so you have no worries with any legal or tax requirement.

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Henry Towers will provide you with all required support to ensure either your company or subsidiary is created in the most advantageous legal form. We will help you navigate through the Spanish legislation explaining to you the options and its differences to asses you the best option for your business.

At Henry Towers we want to help you and your company to manage the Visa request and immigration process as well as your associate on her/his arrival and duties in Spain during the relocation.

We can help you with the salary structure benchmarking, by developing the job description and defining the culture you want to develop in your business from the very beginning.

We manage legal obligations, accounting, tax returns, taxes, account management, legal services, for the peace of mind of your business.

We aim to be your partner in Spain, by offering you our service of drafting and insuring fulfillment of bylaws and shareholders agreements. We always have your best interests in mind as well as considering the applicable tax regulations in order to maximize the return on your investment

Tax Division Manager
Tax Division Manager

We always emphasize that we want to understand your business background and context, certainly for our Tax practice it is crucial. We commit to keep you safe and compliant while we maximize the benefits from your business

Tax Division Manager at Henry Towers